Heidi and Spencer Are Going to Iraq

Okay, that's it. Now I'm just afraid for Heidi and Spencer. First it was the (touching?) firing-range practice in honor of Heidi's late stepbrother, now it's a visit to the Middle East.

Heidi told Extra! in a new interview that they're planning their trip with the help of John McCain's daughter Meghan, and that "My brother was an airborne ranger in Afghanistan and Iraq. It's very important to me and important to Spencer to support the troops and go over there."

Okay, fine, tributes and the like can't be judged. But-- don't worry-- here's something that can! Heidi's also bringing her "talent" to "perform" for the troops. Really, is that a morale booster? At least the trip is buying us some time for Spencer's soon-to-be-released video game, which Spencer called "top secret" and promised that "Get ready. All your wildest dreams are going to be in it."

Is there a "Make Spencer & Heidi Disappear Forever" option?

Image: WireImage