Sinead O’Connor Splits From Husband Again

Sinead O’Connor has had a bit of a wild ride the last month or two. She has gotten married, then split up two weeks later, then reconciled, then tried to commit suicide, than sought help and is now splitting up with her husband again.

In a statement she put on her webpage she blamed herself and the Irish media for the split.

She said,

“Certain sections of our media are pure evil. These people, along with others caused enormous damage deliberately and maliciously to my innocent flower of a husband, purely because he was with me. And so his association with me became something very bad for his life. And slowly since we were married I became very ill as result of what was done to my husband and I was unable to cope. I will never again associate myself romantically with anyone as I could not bear to see these things done again to someone I love.”

On January 11th, O’Connor, tweeted to her fans that she was suffering from Bi-polar disorder and needed to see a psychiatrist writing:

“i desperately need to get back on meds today. am in serious danger,”

She abruptly changed her tune in the most recent statement on her webpage where she says she is not really in need of medications but the problems she had with her marriage were what spawned the depression.

“I am now temporarily back on meds but am assured by psychiatrist I am not bi polar and do not need to be on meds for longer than a few months just to lift me out of what depths I was dragged down to since the mis- treatment of my husband and therefore destruction of our marriage began. So I will be fine again within days.”

Do you think the problem is her marriage or that Sinead O’Connor is just crazy?