Marijuana Strain Called “Blue Ivy” Sprouting Up In LA Dispensaries

Call it respect, call it admiration call it what you will. The newest strain of Marijuana in LA is named after the newest addition to the Carter family…Blue Ivy.

Pot dispensaries around LA have been abuzz (pun intended) with the powerful and purple new strain called Blue Ivy.

A medical marijuana dispensary called 661 Medical in Rosamond, California has begun promoting a new strain called “BLue Ivy OG” by tweeting on Jan. 12:

“#newstrain #newstrain #newstrain BLUE IVY OG #kush $20 gram $55 8th #newstrain.”

There has been no indication that Jay-Z or Beyonce gave their permission for the dispensary to use their child’s name, but it is pretty certain that no one asked. Even though Blue Ivy is a very unique name it isn’t trademarked to the couple.

No one really knows why Jay-Z and Beyonce named their child Blue Ivy (but there has been plenty of speculation), but we do know it isn’t so unique having a catering company, an online publishing company and now a marijuana strain named the same.

The question for everyone is, are you more likely to want to try a new brand of Marijuana called Blue Ivy because it is named after the couple’s newest child? Or do you want to try it because the reviews say it is fantastic?