Green Bay Confirms: Joe Philbin Will Coach On Sunday

Less than one week after his sons body was found in a Wisconsin river Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin has announced that he will coach during Sunday’s playoff game at Lambeau Field against the New York Giants.

Philbin had not been with the team since his 21-year-old son Michael T. Philbin went missing on Sunday and his body turned up in the river the next day. An autopsy has revealed that the coaches son had drowned.

On Saturday, CBS Sports’ Lesley Visser spoke with Packers head coach Mike McCarthy and he revealed:

“I just spoke with coach Mike McCarthy, and he said Joe Philbin will be (at Lambeau Field) tomorrow, in Mike McCarthy’s words, ‘to participate.”

Philbin’s quick return to the team surprised many fans but his own players didn’t seem surprised to see him back coaching his team including defensive lineman Ryan Pickett who said before the announcement that he expected the coach would make a quick return.

“It’s challenging, no question about it,” McCarthy told the AP about the challenging week the team has had following the death, “But as we talked as a team on Wednesday, it’s important to separate your professional and personal life. Sometimes, it’s not possible. We managed it.”

The Green Bay Packers are 15-1 on the season and a win on Sunday would place them up against the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship game.

Are you surprised to see Joe Philbin already back working with the Green Bay packers offensive line?