One Direction/Fifth Harmony Collab Could Happen, Maybe Not

one direction and fifth harmony

Could a One Direction and Fifth Harmony collaboration be happening in the near future? It is possible. One Direction is currently taking a break from their “On the Road Again” tour. It looks like the guys could be interested in a collaboration with hit girl group Fifth Harmony. One Direction star Liam Payne recently announced his love for the girl’s new song “Reflection.”

Payne took to Twitter to exclaim his excitement about the song. The One Direction dude tweeted, “Hey everyone check out @FifthHarmony new album reflection and the song on it reflection is the best I wanna remix.”

If you didn’t understand his tweet, Payne said he would love to remix the song. Does that mean that One Direction wants collaborate with Fifth Harmony? It could happen.

Fifth Harmony’s Normani Kordei was happy about Payne’s tweet. She responded, “THANKS LIAM. I couldn’t agree with you more, we most definitely need a remix version. Good call my friend. XO”

A One Direction and Fifth Harmony collaboration could be “perfection,” according to BuzzFeed, which was one of the first media sites to start the rumor. Fans are hoping that producers of X-Factor will get on this collaboration. Both One Direction and Fifth Harmony were contestants on the music competition show.

According to SugarScape, Payne wants to turn “Reflection” into a club banger. The One Direction singer thinks it’s one of the “best” songs on Fifth Harmony’s new album.

Payne has already been collaborating in the studio. This sparked fears that it could be the end of One Direction. According to a recent report on the Inquisitr, Payne has been recording in the studio with rapper Juicy J. It’s not clear if Liam and Juicy J are collaborating for the rapper’s upcoming fifth album or for another project. The One Direction star shared a photo of himself and the rapper on Instagram. He also confirmed on Twitter that he and Juicy J were working late in the studio.

Time also reported that Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson have been seen in the recording studio with Nickleback frontman Chad Kroeger and ex-Daughtry drummer Robin Diaz. Rumors have been swirling that One Direction is planning to go their separate ways. Louis Tomlinson is starting his own business, and Harry Styles is collaborating with “All About That Bass” singer Meghan Trainor.

Maybe a One Direction and Fifth Harmony collaboration won’t be happening after all. Liam Payne may be interested in doing his own projects. Would you like a One Direction/Fifth Harmony mash up? Or would you rather that the guys do their own thing?