Does Russell Brand Actually Have A Good Response For Stephen Fry?

Russell Brand Responds To Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry sparked a whole lot of outrage when he referred to God as “utterly evil” among other things. And while there have been many people commenting, Russell Brand might actually have a good response for Fry.

In the video on Brand’s website, Russell Brand, Brand begins by sharing how much respect he has for Fry, referring to him as “clever as all hell.”

Brand then dissects Fry’s original interview. According to Christian Today, although Brand does not consider himself a Christian, what he responds to Fry with is nothing “that’s in opposition to the Biblical worldview.”

So what exactly does Brand share that disproves Fry’s harsh comments about religion and God?

Brand begins by sharing that Fry’s problem is that he is taking a very “literal interpretation of doctrine” which really can’t be used when “talking entirely about human behavior and human belief systems.”

Brand goes on to oppose Fry’s views by saying that Fry’s vision of God is wrong, and that what God really is, is this “awakeness” in us all and that religion and believing in God is “an attempt to explain the unknowable,” quite like science does, too.

When Fry speaks of Jesus’ idea of not judging and how we couldn’t have a proper judicial system if we followed those views, Brand states that we’re not supposed to set up a judicial system around what Jesus said. Rather, it helps us “negotiate the negativity within ourselves.”

Brand goes on to say that he does agree Fry in as much as they both “condemn materialistic, humanistic dogma,” adding, “that’s not spirituality.”

Near the end of Brand’s video response to Fry, Brand advises Fry and us all that you “can’t judge all religion on the most stupid bits.”

But the best part of Brand’s response to Fry? It “is its warmth – both to Fry and the viewer.” He also adds “some celebrity balance to the argument.”

While many are touting Brand’s response as a “serious rebuttal,” the views online are very divided.

Has Fry seen Brand’s video? How does Fry feel about Russell Brand’s response?

Whether you agree with Stephen Fry or Russell Brand, it’s probably best to follow their lead and learn how to discuss something without fighting about it.

[Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia and Stephen Fry]