‘Battlefield Hardline’ Might Run At Sub-1080p On Both Xbox One and PS4

Battlefield Hardline may give console owners cause for concern, as EA seems to be backtracking some on what resolution the game will run at on the PS4 and Xbox One.

According to Games.On.Net, while at a Battlefield Hardline preview event, an EA rep was asked to confirm whether Battlefield Hardline would still run at 1080p60 on at least the PlayStation 4. While EA touted at E3 2014 that PS4 owners would experience the Battlefield game in full “1080p60 glory,” no one seems to corroborate that statement any longer.

The trend has been set and maintained so far during this console generation, with most titles hitting at least 1080p on PS4, while the Xbox One counterparts ran at 900p. Most titles run at 30FPS on both systems, while the PC still enjoys a decided advantage thanks to the varying hardware users can buy. Battlefield 4 also showcased this resolution disparity, though the PS4 ran at 900 while the Xbox One ran at 720 when it launched alongside the new-gen consoles. According to the report, the EA spokesman on site stated that Visceral games is targeting to get Battlefield Hardline to play at “60 FPS using the same resolution settings as [Battlefield 4].”

When the PS4 Beta for Battlefield Hardline launched during E3 2014, Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry did confirm that the game wasn’t running at native 1080p, but rather was upscaled from 900p. While a lot of gamers don’t mind, or simply don’t care about resolution, it does beg the question: Is EA making the PS4 version of Battlefield Hardline at a lesser resolution in order to keep parity with the less powerful Xbox One?