‘Far Cry 4’ Update Finally Adds Map Editor Support For Co-op Games On Xbox One, PS4

Far Cry 4

Those who have been waiting for the chance to build their own maps for use with Far Cry 4‘s cooperative multiplayer mode are in for a bit of good news today, as the new update is now live on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 edition of the game that adds co-op support to the in-game editor. An Ubisoft community manager announced the release of Title Update 5 for Far Cry 4 on the developer’s official forums. The patch is now available to download on current-gen consoles, as well as the PS3. Xbox 360 and PC players are scheduled to also receive the update on Wednesday.

The new cooperative in-game editor gives gamers the ability to craft their own Far Cry 4 maps that they can then invite their friends to join. Title Update 5 also includes a few improvements to the existing editor that should help Far Cry 4 users build better creations, thanks to tweaks to browsing the tool and placing decorations.

Far Cry 4

Other changes address Far Cry 4‘s PvP matchmaking and a few minor alterations to vehicle and checkpoint locations. The complete list of patch notes for everything that Title Update 5 either adds to or improves upon in Far Cry 4 is as follows.

  • In-Game Editor Co-Op is now live!
  • Fixed various Gameplay functionality issues with asset placements
  • Fixed various Gameplay functionality issues with the Map Browser
  • Integrated Outpost Master in Co-Op
  • Fixed various client connectivity issues
  • Fixed various Host/Client replication issues
  • Fixed various checkpoint placement issues
  • Fixed the occasional issue with vehicle placement
  • Fixed matchmaking stability and general issues with PvP
  • Fixed inconsistencies with XP in the load-out menu
  • Fixed spawning issues under specific circumstances

The update also gives Xbox One and Xbox 360 users experience fewer issues when attempting to play a Far Cry 4 co-op game while not signed into a profile.

Far Cry 4

A large number of gamers who were caught in the middle of a dispute between Ubisoft and an online retailer after numerous copies of Far Cry 4 were purchased from the outlet using fraudulent credit cards. As a result, the publisher revoked access to anyone who had purchased a copy of the game acquired by illegal means. Deciding not to punish those who inadvertently purchased the stolen merchandise from a third party retailer, unaware that it was effectively stolen merchandise, Game Informer reports that Ubisoft has reactivated any key that had actually been used to play Far Cry 4.

While Ubisoft still works to add new features to Far Cry 4, the developer is also already looking ahead to the next game in the popular franchise. As reported by the Inquisitr, the studio has conducted fan polls to see what gamers would like to see in a future Far Cry game.

Title Update 5 for Far Cry 4 will be available across all platforms on starting Wednesday. Will the prospect of creating your own custom co-op map bring you back to playing Far Cry 4?

[Images via Ubisoft]