Teresa Giudice Reportedly Received ‘Special Treatment’ By Serving Her Sentence Before Husband Joe


Teresa Giudice probably found it harder than most to adapt to life behind bars, after she entered the Danbury Federal Prison in January to begin her 15-month sentence for fraud.

Coming from a huge, luxury mansion in New Jersey to a small prison cell and a strict daily regime is not the type of life Teresa is used to.

Nevertheless, according to a recent report in The Hollywood Gossip, former inmate, Beatrice Codianni, who served 14 years at Danbury, said “This type of arrangement is practically unheard of,” referring to the fact that the judge in the case allowed Teresa and Joe to serve their sentences consecutively.

As Codianni added, “Most of the time when there are people like Teresa and Joe, a married couple both convicted of committing a federal crime, they would have to go in at the same time.”

But the judge decided to make life at least a little easier for the Giudice family, allowing them to serve consecutive sentences, This was mainly for the sake of the couple’s four daughters, Gia, 13, Gabriella, 9, Milania, 8, and Audriana, 5.

According to Codianni, “This is a special and extremely unusual arrangement and was given to them not because of their kids, but more because they are famous. Usually you both go. If you don’t have anyone taking care of the kids, they would go into foster care and after seventeen months, the kids would be put up for adoption.”

And while it may be hard for people to comprehend the coldness of the court system, the fact is that no judge usually cares how many kids a convicted couple has, and sentencing is given without taking that into consideration.

Codianni added, “Teresa and Joe are so lucky because at least she knows that her kids are in good hands, that he is taking care of them and that he will be bringing her girls to see her while she is in. And vise-versa. Most married couples who have ever been in their situation were not so lucky, but they were also not famous.”