The Amazon Kindle Turns Into Better Storage Device With New Feature

The Kindle from Amazon is an incredibly popular device that has truly revolutionized the book industry and how we consume content. How it works is very simple: You buy a book and it’s automatically added to your device.

Previously, it was only for reading and more recently there was the ability to surf the web. With the Kindle Fire, it’s completely transformed into an Android based tablet, but with previous generations, it was still, again, primarily for reading.

Amazon announced a new feature called Send To Kindle which changes that. Now users can much more easily transfer files from their Windows PC’s to their device.

Via PC Mag:

“Kindle users have always been able to transfer personal documents to their devices by either emailing them to an address assigned to their Kindle account or attaching the ereader to a computer and dragging the files over. With Send to Kindle, the process is simplified.”

“Users can transfer files from Windows Explorer by simply right-clicking on a document and choosing Send to Kindle. From any other Windows application that can print, users can select Print, and then choose Send to Kindle.”

The document file types supported are .doc, .pdf, .txt, .rtf, and the image file types supported are .png, .jpg, .bmp, and .gif. Now, Amazon did specifically mention that this new feature is for Windows users, however, a version is coming soon for the Mac the company said.

This wireless transfer process is much more convenient and will enable users to push other content to their Kindle, even if it’s in another room.