Words With Friends Saves A Man’s Life

Words With Friends has recently become known as a great way to kick Alec Baldwin off an American Airlines flight but it turns out the Zynga owned game has an even better use…saving lives.

Georgie Fletcher began playing the popular words game with an international opponent several years ago. The Australian and her Missouri opponent Beth Legler had never met in person but used the games built-in chat program to talk as they played.

As it turns out Fletcher’s husband wasn’t feel well one day and when she told Beth about his symptoms Beth showed her physician husband Larry the chat. Immediately realizing a major problem Larry told Georgie to rush her husband to the hospital.

It turns out that once in the emergency room doctors found that Simon Fletcher’s heart had a 99% blockage that would have killed him if he hadn’t rushed to the hospital immediately.

According to Mrs. Fletcher:

“Had Larry not sent that message, I don’t think Simon would have gone to the doctor that day.”

Mr. Fletcher added:

“I’d really like to put my arms around him and give him a big squeeze.”

While the couple have never met they speak all the time to one another using the Words With Friends platform. I would say that if there was ever a time to take a trip down under or to hop over the pond to the US this would be a great reason.

If you’re not already playing Words With Friends now may be a good time to give it a try, who knows it might save your life one day.