'Counting On' Clip: Jessa Duggar & Her Family Visit The Zoo, Joke About Possible Courtship For Spurgeon

Jessa Duggar and her family of five took a recent trip to the Kansas City Zoo with friends of theirs, and the kids seemed to be quite excited about it. They drove about three hours to get there, as seen in last week's episode of TLC's Counting On. The preview clip was posted on the show's official Facebook page, which you can view here.

Jessa and her husband, Ben Seewald, explained in the video that they were in that area to visit with their good friends. It looks like the other family has three youngsters as well, just like the Seewalds. They mentioned that although they have been to a zoo before, that one was "massive," as the Duggar daughter called it.

The couple's eldest child, Spurgeon, adores frogs. The little guy was totally thrilled to run upon an exhibit featuring his favorite amphibians.

He was entranced by it all as he had his face glued to the glass watching the creatures hop around. The ones that they were looking at were poisonous. That didn't seem to bother the curly-haired boy at all. When his dad told him that those were the ones that he would not want to touch, the 4-year-old decided that it was okay with him if he should get poison on his skin. He didn't seem to distinguish the difference between the frogs that he and his cousins catch in their backyard and the dangerous ones in the display. He quipped that the little green creatures were his favorite part of their outing.

Duggar family
TLC Press

At one point during the zoo visit, their friend's little blond girl, who was just a bit taller than Spurgeon, went over to where he was and proceeded to put her arm around him. It was a cute gesture, and even Jessa thought that their friendship was sweet.

The Counting On producer didn't miss a beat -- she asked if there will be a courtship announcement soon. Jessa let out a hearty laugh on that one. Her husband had somewhat of a sheepish look on his face at that comment as well.

Spurgeon not only loves frogs, but another favorite of his is books. He has plenty of them at home, and Jessa has posted a few pictures of him sitting on their sofa with a pile beside him. Last month, she shared how her son used his love of reading as a way to get out of naptime. Duggar fans loved that cute story.