Amber Rose Denies Dating Nick Cannon, Whom Mariah Carey Is ‘Distraught’ Over Losing

Amber Rose has, once and for all, answered the question of whether she’s dating Nick Cannon. As reported by Mirror Online, the model unleashed a lengthy Instagram rant after people continued to speculate that she and Nick, who is her manager, have more than just a work relationship and friendship.

“I know the world wants us to be together sooo badly (Sarcasm) but it’s just not our relationship. Every time I post a pic of me and this Man yall start reaching…..We are friends and business partners nothing more. We have beautiful children and ppl we still love very much no matter what. I don’t know how many times I need to say this but this will be my last time. WE ARE JUST FRIENDS!!!! Ok f***ers? I usually don’t even comment on dumb made up stories but ur gonna see a lot of us together cuz we’re getting this Shmoney…… Cuz he’s my manager! Duh. So fall the f*** back and chill the f*** out -Muva.”

The Instagram post seems to have since been deleted. Perhaps Rose felt bad about calling her social media followers “f***ers.”

Amber Rose’s line about her and Nick having people they “still love very much no matter what” seems to be a reference to her ex, rapper Wiz Khalifa, and his ex, singer Mariah Carey.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there was speculation that Amber’s relationship with Nick contributed to the demise of his relationship, and vice versa. Besides to clear up any dating rumors, the purpose of Amber’s recent Instagram post seems to be to clear up any rumors that they cheated during their respective relationships.

While Amber Rose has cleared up the rumors regarding her and Nick Cannon, it’s still not clear exactly what went wrong with Nick and Mariah. During the couple’s six years of marriage, they frequently declared and publicly showed their love for one another, going so far as renewing their vows every year. Yet in mid-January, after months of separation amid rumors that he cheated, Nick pulled the trigger and filed for divorce.

According to one source, Mariah Carey actually didn’t want the marriage to end. The source, who spoke to OK! Magazine, said that Mariah was willing to forgive Nick even if he did cheat but was just playing hard to get and making things difficult for him.


Yet Nick threw in the towel when Mariah backed out of “their family holiday plans.” The source said that after that happened, Nick “gave up and had the papers drawn up.”

The source claims that now, Mariah Carey realizes that she played too hard of a hand with Nick Cannon.

“She’s distraught because she was secretly hoping for a reunion and playing hard to get games with him. Now she realizes she’s went too far and with Nick filing those papers, there’s no going back now.”

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