Five Safest Cities In The World For 2015: Did Any U.S. City Make The List?

Regina Avalos

The five safest cities in the world for travelers have been revealed, and the cities that top the list might surprise many people. Not one city in the United States made the list in the top five.

According to Pop Herald, one U.S. city did make the top 10, and four more cities are listed in the rest of the top 20, but not one city located in the United States made it to the top five.

Economist's Intelligence Unit ranked the cities on the list for 2015. Which city list topped the list? Tokyo is considered by the publication to be the safest city in the world for travelers. Tokyo was not the only Japanese city to make it onto the list. Osaka made it into the top five list with a ranking of third. Singapore came in second place.

How did the Economist rank the cities? Mail Online revealed the process the publication used to decide the rankings.

"The Economist's ranking looked at 50 cities and chose them based on regional representation and availability of data."

What cities in the United States made it on the list? New York City was the only city in the top 10. Los Angeles and Chicago made it into the top 20, and they ranked higher than London on the list. London came in at number 18.

While the U.S. cities did not rank high in all of the factors, the Economist did make note that the United States does well when it comes to online security.

"US cities perform most strongly in the digital security category, while Europe struggles. New York is the only US city to make it into the top ten of the overall index (at 10). However, it is third for digital security, with three of the four other US cities in the Index (Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago) joining it in the top ten. Meanwhile, European cities perform relatively poorly. London, at 16, is the highest-ranking European entry in the digital security index; Rome is the lowest, at 35."

The study also ranked the best cities to live, and two Canadian cities topped that list. Toronto and Montreal are considered the best places to live.

The UN backed this study. Are you surprised by the rankings on this list?

[Photo: Pop Herald, Wikimedia Commons]