The Pizza Condom Is Probably The Weirdest ‘Friends’ Tribute Ever Created

The Pizza Condom is definitely a different way of paying homage to a favorite television show.

For starters, it’s a tribute to Joey from Friends, the hit ’90s sitcom now available on Netflix. As most of you know, Joey loved two things in life — food (especially pizza), and sex — and he really wasn’t sure which was better.

(If this is the first you’re hearing of Friends, then have fun at your fifth birthday party.)

Now along comes Russian designer Marina Malygina, and I’m not sure what’s funnier. The fact the Pizza Condom was where inspiration from an American TV show led her, or the fact that we Americans really are this shallow.

Anyhow, the product has been created as a concept, which means you can’t get it yet and you may never be able to. That doesn’t make it any less awesome, though.

In a perfect world, Malygina would sell these in five-packs wherein the wrappers look like little pizzas (condom inside, of course), and they would be placed inside a miniature pizza box for added effect.

“Pizza and sex are the important parts of American culture and especially tv-shows and movies,” Malygina said. “That’s why this limited comdoms’ [sic] package will be interesting for most of young people not only Friends fans.”

It’s hard to argue with that.


While Friends still has a lot of fans, and a reunion movie when the characters are 80 would probably STILL be a hit, not everyone is digging it upon revisiting the show on Netflix.

A recent series of columns from Salon and Slate attacked the show for its handling of the Chandler Bing character and his transgender dad.

Viewed through the lens of 21st Century culture, many find the series to be a bit homophobic and a bit critical of fat people, particularly with the “Fat Monica” storyline, which was always played as a punchline.

Malygina’s Pizza Condom creation may not be as deep as some of the post-20th Century criticisms, but it does a swell job of reminding us that sometimes it’s okay to not overanalyze everything and just give in to the simplicity of pizza and sex.

But what do you think, readers? Is the Pizza Condom a fitting way to remember Friends, or is it a little too “out there” for your tastes? Sound off in the comments section.