Joe Montana: Tom Brady Responsible For New England Patriots Cheating Their Way To Super Bowl 2015

Right before Super Bowl 2015, Joe Montana says he believes that quarterback Tom Brady cheated and is responsible for the New England Patriots cheating. Say it isn’t so, Joe?

In a related report by the Inquisitr, the so-called DeflateGate scandal has been raging ever since it was alleged the Patriots cheated in order to reach Super Bowl 2015. But one Super Bowl quarterback who actually did tamper with footballs in the past claims that ball deflation is not “wrongdoing.” Some find the whole controversy simply amusing, and Sarris Candies took this to a new level by creating a deflated chocolate football called the Brady ball.

To have your childhood hero call you out must be quite a shock. In the past, Tom Brady has posted Facebook photos where he is shown dressing up as Joe Montana while a child. Brady was even in attendance for “The Catch,” when Montana threw his famous pass to Dwight Clark during the 1981 NFC Championship game. Unfortunately for Brady, Montana believes the Patriots quarterback is behind the DeflateGate scandal.

“If I ever want a ball a certain way, I don’t do it myself. So, somebody did it for him,” Montana said. “But I don’t know why everybody is making a big deal out of trying to figure out who did it. It’s pretty simple. If it was done, it was done for a reason. There is only one guy that does it. Nobody else cares what the ball feels like.”


To put these comments in perspective, Joe Montana was not saying Tom Brady should never be in the NFL Hall of Fame, or that the New England Patriots should be disqualified from competing at Super Bowl 2015. Instead, Montana claims Brady is one of the greatest quarterback to ever play, and even claims the NFL should not have the football inflation rule in the first place.

“I mean it’s easy to figure out who did it. Did Tom do it? No, but Tom likes the balls that way, obviously, or you wouldn’t have 11 of them that way without him complaining because as a quarterback, you know how you like the ball,” Montana according to the Boston Globe. “It’s a stupid thing to even be talking about because they shouldn’t have the rule anyway. The guy is a great quarterback. There is a category that people like to say, ‘the greatest to ever play,’ he is definitely in that category. But I think it’s hard to put anybody up there no matter who it might be. Go back and watch Otto Graham and Sammy Baugh. If you haven’t seen any footage, it’s ridiculous the things those guys did back then. I think it’s really hard to compare, but Tom obviously is having a tremendous career.”

Even if the New England Patriots cheated, do you think DeflateGate should be considered a black mark on Tom Brady’s career?