Ashlyn Sullivan: White College Student Pens Powerful Blog Defending Relationship With Black Boyfriend, Blog Post Goes Viral

Interracial dating has always been a debatable topic. While many people have come to accept such relationships, there are still some people who find it seemingly inappropriate to date outside of your race. However, one woman has made it quite clear that she supports interracial dating. Now, her recent blog post has gone viral after catching the attention from millions of readers around the world.

Cosmopolitan reports Ashlyn Sullivan, a white college student at Butler Community College in Wichita, KS, decided to write about the disheartening experience she faced when someone made racial slurs toward her African-American boyfriend. The young woman, who works as a waitress at Buffalo Wild Wings, was recently a victim of catcalling one night at work.

So, she decided to show them a cell phone picture she’d taken with her boyfriend, Ra’Montae Green, to make it clear that she was unavailable. However, she didn’t quite get the response she was expecting. Instead of the men respecting her relationship status, they took her proclamation of love as an opportunity to mock the relationship. Needless to say, their comments were quite offensive.

Last month, Ashlyn penned a compelling blog post recounting the incident and her verbal exchange with the group of guys.

“The obnoxious kid that was way too drunk and way too underage says this: “Awh girl, why are you dating a n—-r? They ain’t gone treat you right” along with some other very profane choice of words,” she wrote. “Once again, I had the opportunity to just walk away.. and I realize this now. However, I was heated. I told the guy he was racist and that I am not dating “one.” I told the guy he could shut up or I would go get my manager and they could leave.”

She also provided a profound response to their offensive comments. The title of the blog post, “I am not dating a racial slur,” speaks volumes by itself. She also made it a point to write the word “man” in bold throughout the post when referring to her boyfriend.

She shared a number of details about their relationship, with a number of interesting facts and strong qualities about the man she loves. She also recounted many of their memorable moments together. Her words of love prove that love has no boundaries and that race is not a factor.

Let me just get this straight though. I am not dating a N—-r. (My hands feel dirty for even just typing that word.) I am dating a man with the smoothest brown skin, and curly hair. I am dating a respectable, hardworking man that would do anything to make me smile at the end of the day. I am dating a man who helps me buy groceries, wash laundry, and even clean my apartment even though he has other things to do, works 40 hours a week, and it’s not his job.

“I am dating a man that holds doors open for me and everyone else behind him EVERY TIME. I am dating a man who has never been arrested, and doesn’t walk around acting like a fool. I am dating a humble man, someone who puts others before himself. I am dating a man who loves motorcycles, and music. I am dating a man with a future. I am dating a man with a great sense of humor. I am dating a man who cuddles his puppy like a newborn baby. I am dating a man that will eat hot cheetos with me while binge watching netflix. I am dating a man who tells me I look pretty in glasses and pajamas that I haven’t taken off for two days in a row. I am dating a man who loves to cook, and is sooooo good at it. I am dating a man that spoils me. I am dating a man who loves God. I am dating a man who loves me unconditionally.”

The powerful blog post has received an overwhelming response. The blog post received more than 300,000 views the day it was posted and has since gone viral with more than one million views and 110,000 shares. However, all of the remarks haven’t been supportive.

According to, Ashlyn has received hate mail and even death threats in response to her blog post. She revealed she’s even received messages with “verses from the Bible telling how God doesn’t want humans laying with animals.” Here are more of the comments Ashlyn has endured.

“She’s just bragging about polluting the white gene pool.”

“If you can’t take in critisim, then don’t flaunt it. It’s amazing how people can’t fight the urge to post your personal life online, then complain when someone says something negative. Granted some of the comments are offensive but they wouldn’t of happen if they didn’t know about it. Seriously, not everyone cares how cute you think your baby looks or how great you think your SO is.”

“We still have people alive who remember a time where segregation was the norm. Who have raised children with their racist beliefs, and these children are now raising grandchildren. Racism will never truly go away, all we can do is surround ourselves with positive people and teach our children acceptance and love. “

“Such a shame you had to deal with those guys harassing you, and those hateful comments on your blog. Its so easy for people to hide behind a computer and say things they’d never dare say to someone’s face. Stay positive, anyone’s issues with your boyfriend say SO much more about them than it ever could about you!!!”

Do you agree or disagree with Ashlyn Sullivan’s opinion of interracial relationships? Share your thoughts.

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