Seth Jackson Sentence: Kansas Man Claims He Doesn’t ‘Deserve To Rot In A Prison Cell’

Twenty-nine-year-old Seth Jackson of Wichita, Kansas, has been sentenced to 32 months in prison for leaving his 10-month-old foster daughter, Kadillak Poe-Jones, inside a hot car last July, which resulted in her death.

According to KSN, Jackson was also sentenced to 24 months of supervision after he is released from prison. During his testimony, an emotional Jackson tried convincing the judge that he had no intention of killing his foster daughter.

“Your honor, I’m a broken man, pleading here for my life.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Seth Jackson and his partner were watching Game of Thrones and smoking marijuana on the day of the incident. It was after one-and-a-half episodes of the HBO show that Jackson realized he left Kadillak in his car. When Jackson realized where Kadillak was, he rushed out to retrieve her, but it was too late. The 10-month-old girl had died from hypothermia after being left in the car for more than two hours in 90-degree weather.

At the time, Seth Jackson’s attorney stated that his client had no intention of causing harm to the girl.

“There is not one scintilla of intent on behalf of my client to hurt or harm any of those children. This is a young man who’s never been in any trouble before. He is a church-goer… [Jackson] is looking at the same sentence as if he walked into somebody’s home or a store, pulled out a firearm and shot them. These are two horses of a very different color.”

According to KWCH, Jackson told Judge David Dahl during his plea that he’s a good person, and this tragic incident shouldn’t get him a prison sentence.

“I’m not a monster, and I don’t deserve to rot in a prison cell.”

But prosecutors said Jackson should receive a 32-month sentence because he is at fault for the young girl’s death.

“Everything [the girl] could ever be is gone.”

Jackson’s defense argued that he understands what he did was wrong, but he should be put on probation and not sentenced to prison.

“He has accepted responsibility.”

However, Judge Dahl mentioned he understands that Jackson did not mean to bring harm to his foster daughter. But since Jackson was also smoking marijuana at the time, prison is a more fitting sentence.

“I believe that probation is not warranted. I believe that probation is not appropriate.”

During an interview with NBC News, Seth Jackson’s mother, Dottie, said that her son was shocked that he could have done such a thing.

“He is devastated. He wants to die. Nothing like that should have ever happened to a child, and he knows it. He has no reason to live. Seth’s children… that’s his life.”

Do you think the prison sentence is appropriate for Seth Jackson?

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