Leah Messer Having Twins, Hoping for “Teen Mom” Spin-Off

Teen Mom Leah Messer is building up the cast of her new show two-by-two. Messer announced last week that she was pregnant again and today it was revealed that the reality star was going to have her second set of twins.

A source closed to Messer confirmed to In Touch that she was indeed having twins.

The source told In Touch Weekly:

“She just found out last week. Leah can’t believe how lucky she is to have two more babies. [She] is absolutely thrilled.”

Messer says that she is “thrilled” with the news and hopes that the new babies could help her get her own spin-off show.

The source said:

“She thinks the babies will help her get her own spin-off show and that means a bigger salary… She wants her own series and her own brand, just like Kate (Gosselin).”

Messer already has twin daughters Aliannah and Aleeah with her ex-husband Corey Simms. She is now pregnant with her fiance Jeremy Calvert.

Although Leah seems to think that her new twins are her ticket to more fame and money, friends and family are reportedly worried about the new children.

A source said:

“Her friends are worried she won’t be able to handle it all. She’ll have four babies — one of with special needs — and she’s a child herself.”

Do you think Leah Messer will be able to handle another set of twins? Would you watch a spin-off based on Messer’s family?