February 14, 2017
'Scandal' Spoilers: Jake, Quinn, And Huck Scramble To Find Olivia In 'Where's The Black Lady?'

Scandal is back, and the winter premiere definitely got viewers buzzing. Olivia Pope has been kidnapped, and despite her intense efforts, she remains held captive heading into the next episode. What Scandal spoilers are available for the February 5 episode?

As TV Guide notes, the Season 4, Episode 11 show is titled "Where's the Black Lady?" It seems that the focus now turns back to Jake, Fitz, and the Gladiators as everybody scrambles to figure out just where Olivia Pope is. It seems that they will make a connection now to Olivia's neighbor, whom her kidnappers killed. Will that lead Jake and the crew to find the ring that Olivia managed to hide in the woman's apartment?

The Scandal spoiler preview shows that Olivia's captors will put together a video showing Pope in rough shape, demanding that the United States declare war on West Angola within 48 hours or she will be killed. While the kidnapping was orchestrated by Vice President Andrew Nichols and Elizabeth North, that doesn't mean Olivia is safe or going to be rescued by Jake and her people anytime soon.

At this point, not much has being revealed about "Where's the Black Lady?" Photos shared by the network show Quinn, Huck, and Jake working together to figure out where Olivia is. One shot shows Quinn talking to an older black woman, surely someone connected to Olivia's deceased neighbor. Other photos show Fitz, Abby, Mellie, Lizzie, and the others in various stages of dealing with the crisis.

'Scandal' Season 4, Episode 11 with Katie Lowes

What is somewhat telling in terms of Scandal spoilers is the synopsis from the network for Episode 12 airing on February 12. It notes that Olivia will manage to outsmart her captors and get a step ahead of them, but only temporarily. Quinn, Huck, and Jake continue to work on finding her, turning to someone from earlier on in the show for help.

Based on those tidbits, it seems that Olivia remains held captive for a bit yet. There were a lot of twists and turns in the winter premiere, and Shonda Rhimes called it one of her favorite episodes ever. Fans had some mixed reactions to it, but most are anxious to see just what comes next.

When will Olivia Pope be freed or rescued? How will it all play out? Scandal is back and airing new episodes from Season 4 every Thursday night on ABC. Considering that there is still half the season left to go, fans know there's a lot of craziness yet ahead.

[Image via ABC/Nicole Wilder]