Gabrielle Giffords Opponent: She Makes Me Want To Vomit

Gabrielle Giffords isn’t faced with a lot of naysayers or political attacks these days, ever since she was shot in the head, nearly died and made a tremendous recovery she has been hailed as an American hero to perhaps nearly everyone but partisan opponent George Morris.

A self described “ultraconservative” Morris attended Giffords Congress on Your Corner event to call her out for supporting liberal causes when he was wounded in the attack on Giffords and his wife Dorothy was killed.

Now speaking to the Arizona Republic Morris is still on the attack, saying of the recovering lawmaker:

“Every time I see them on TV, it makes me want to vomit.”

While his rhetorical attacks against Giffords used to focus squarely on her bipartisan political shifts he’s now attacking her husband Astronaut Mark Kelly about the event and a lack of security.

“I’d like to debate our dear captain astronaut (and ask) why he didn’t have security,” Morris says. “My wife would still be alive.”

Not only is Morris on the attack against Giffords and Kelly, he has personally made it his mission to attack anyone who says the lesson to be taken from the event was that there needs to be more civility in American politics.

Challenging his notion is Jezebel writer Margaret Hartmann who quips:

“Either he’s focusing his anger over his wife’s murder on Giffords or he’s truly so partisan that he can’t look past the fact that he disagrees with her politically—or perhaps it’s a mix of both.”

Bipartisanship is a fallacy in American politics that only ever exists to satisfy backroom agreements for future plans, Mr. Morris however doesn’t have to worry about being bipartisan in any way since he’s not doing much to change the American political system other than standing on his soap box and attacking a woman who nearly died and has been for the most part out of the political game for more than a year.

Do you think George Morris is projecting the anger over his wife’s death on Gabrielle Giffords?