Is Rihanna Being Controlled By Leonardo DiCaprio? He Doesn’t Like Her Tattoos!

Rihanna doesn’t have a positive romantic history, having been connected to men like Chris Brown and Drake. Now her sights are set on Leonardo DiCaprio, but it looks like there may already be trouble in paradise. The Hollywood Gossip reports that DiCaprio is already controlling aspects in RiRi’s life, even though she doesn’t appear to actively realize it. It’s being reported that the The Wolf of Wall Street star has made the R&B singer promise to not get another tattoo. The Latin Post has gone a step further by claiming the actor has flat-out forbidden her from getting new ink.

If these rumors are true, then they’re certainly startling. For starters, Rihanna already has at least 20 tattoos. So why would Leonardo DiCaprio enter a relationship with her, only to forbid her from getting more? These details may be nothing more than celebrity gossip, but given Ri’s relationship history, it’s hard not to pay attention to all the news surrounding her supposedly budding relationship with Leo.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna have reportedly been seeing each other secretly for quite some time, but they were outed when they were spotted hooking up at the Playboy Mansion. TMZ shared all the dirty details they could dig up back when their presumed relationship went public. However, it should be noted that neither Ri or Leonardo have spoken publicly about the relationship people believe to be flourishing.

A source close to Rihanna says that she’s attracted to Leo because he’s not possessive and is playing hard-to-get. However, it can easily be argued that it’s possessive to convince her to promise not to get more tattoos — especially since RiRi is a tattoo enthusiast with a lot of ink on her body. If Leo doesn’t like tattoos, wouldn’t he be better off finding a woman who doesn’t have any?

At the end of the day there really is no telling whether or not these Rihanna and Leo rumors are even true. RiRi’s relationship status is pretty much unknown by the general public, especially when there are still gossip rags dwelling on any presumed leftover feelings between the singer and Chris Brown. Brown himself appears to be moving on with his life in a relationship with Karrueche Tran. So if Ri is happy with Leonardo DiCaprio, it’s certainly her right to make decisions that accommodate to what he expects from a partner. Here’s to hoping this doesn’t turn out to be another high profile relationship fail for the Barbadian star.

[Photo credit: Reuters]