Ohio Pit Bull Named ‘Mamma’ Hailed As a ‘Hero’ For Saving Her Family

Pit bulls have, just as often as other dogs, have been known for their heroics. Despite their stigma, pit bulls have done a lot for their owners. The Inquisitr reported last September about an Ohio pit bull named Buddy. The heroic pit bull, who was first rescued by his owner, rescued him when a fire started in a nearby structure. Buddy the pit bull alerted his owner, who was sleeping, to the fire. Another Ohio pit bull had a similar case of “heroics.”

According to Fox 2 Now, an Ohio family owes a debt of gratitude to their pet pit bull. Let’s just say hell hath no fury like a Mamma scorned. The Ohio family’s pit bull, Mamma, managed to leave a trail of blood from her house to a car outside, but the story is not what you might think.

The Byrd family say they heard screams coming from in front of their house Sunday night. When they went out to see what all the commotion was about, they saw a would-be burglar shutting their door and fleeing for their car.

It all started when Tony Byrd, Jr., heard his 11-year old pit bull named Mamma growling at a strange noise by the door, just before 11:00 pm. It was at this time that Mr. Byrd saw the most sorry attempted robber running from his home. Mamma the pit bull had just thwarted a potentially dangerous situation for the Byrd family.

The injured, attempted burglary suspect is still on the run, and they nor their “dark” car has been found. However, Mamma the has been deemed a “hero.” Tony Byrd, Jr., said that Mamma the pit bull was just doing her job at the Byrd home, according to the Daily Mail.

“She met him right there at the door. She did her job.”


Mr. Byrd’s kid was upstairs at the time of the incident, but normally, Mamma and his daughter would be together. Mamma is a hero for another reason, as well. Mr. Byrd’s daughter, Zahara, has cerebral palsy. So, Byrd’s pit bull has two jobs, security and service dog.

Normally, Mamma the pit bull is very sweet and playful. Her owner said that she must have sensed something wrong with the would-be burglar.

Whether it is fires or burglars, Buddy or Mamma, the family pit bull manages to save the day. Perhaps criminals and the elements might want to keep that in mind.

[Image via Creative Commons]