Is Lindsay Lohan A Witch? Actress Punched A Psychic Once

Is Lindsay Lohan depending on drastic measures to keep from going back to jail? According to a report on Jezebel, the long-troubled actress wants to become a witch — a “white witch,” to be exact. Someone reportedly close to Lohan (as celebrity gossip tends to go) claims that she is obsessed with the occult and is trying to find a witch’s coven so she can be pledged into it. The source claims that she wants to use witchcraft to find more power in her life.

If any of this is true, then it’s certainly a refreshing change from when she allegedly assaulted a psychic. Gawker reported in 2012 that Lindsay punched a woman in the face while trying to chat up a member of the band The Wanted. The alleged victim of the assault turned out to be an amateur psychic named Tiffany Mitchell, from Florida.

There’s no telling if any of these rumors are true, but Lindsay Lohan herself certainly hasn’t addressed them. That’s probably because she’s busy trying to figure out how to avoid jail time after she flaked on completing her court ordered community service. Jail may be in the future for her if she doesn’t shape up fast, though it’s still not the most likely scenario with Los Angeles County’s jail overcrowding problem. Even at her worst, LiLo has never been jailed for any lengthy span of time.

Celebeat reports that Lindsay has been given another court date after her community service completion was questioned by a judge. On February 18, she is expected to face the judge again to address concerns regarding whether or not she truly met her obligations to complete court ordered community service. This upcoming court date could end in any direction.

Even though she’s never been sent to jail for long-term imprisonment, a prosecutor has recommended that she be given exactly that. Prosecutor Terry White believes that Lindsay Lohan is trying to manipulate the court system by claiming that meeting her fans counted as community service. He reportedly opposed her completing her community service overseas in the first place, citing that her being manipulative was the very reason why.

So do you think the prosecutor is going to get his way when LiLo’s next court date rolls around? If any of the latest rumors are true about her, then white witchcraft may be on her side. After all, the source that claims she is interested in the occult says that she had a spell cast to assure that she’d get her latest onstage role. It could all be a coincidence, but here’s to finding out in February. Of course, that could have been a coincidence and the whole story a bunch of nonsense!

[Photo credit: Posh24]