Michigan Mother Charged With Death Of Newborn Found At Recycling Center [Video]

A Michigan newborn that was found at a recycling center has been identified, and the mother has been charged with the murder. Charges were announced on Wednesday in the district court of Eastpointe, Michigan. The mother was ordered to be held on $1 million bond against charges of felony murder and felony first degree murder, which could lead to life in prison. The child was originally thought to be the missing child of Melissa Mitin, but DNA samples proved otherwise. The identity of the baby and mother remained a mystery until someone tipped off police that the child may belong to a homeless woman.

According to Reuters, the baby’s mother is Angela Alexie, a 24-year-old homeless woman that was staying temporarily at a friend’s house. She stated that the child was born on December 22, and she left him in the garage after giving birth. The child remained there for approximately 2 weeks before she claims someone else placed him in the recycling bin. Police Chief James Berlin stated that Alexie hid her pregnancy from people she came into contact with, and hid the birth, as well. He shared that he couldn’t comprehend how she could just leave the child to die in the garage. He stated that all the investigators involved were shook up by the case.

“Everyone took this very personal because this little guy didn’t have a chance at life whatsoever.”

Alexie is facing charges of first-degree murder and first-degree child abuse, both crimes punishable by life in prison, according to MLive. Her bond has been set at $1 million. Police detective Brad McKenzie shared the tragic circumstances in which the child died.

“She left the house and then back out to the garage to check on the baby every few hours. Then the baby finally passed away on the 24th of December.”

Employees of the Macomb County Medical Examiner’s office have named the child Henry Alexander Macomb, after the county’s namesake, General Alexander Macomb. The community has pitched in to pay for a proper burial, including a casket and a gravestone. Burial arrangements are currently pending for the child.

Angela Alexie is scheduled to reappear in court on February 4, 2015, to determine if she is guilty and to be sentenced. The county judge, Carl Gerd, has entered a plea of not guilty on her behalf.

It is still unknown who placed the child in the recycling bin, or if he or she will face charges for the act.

[Photo Courtesy: MLive]