Cowboys Fan Sues NFL: Inmate Files Lawsuit For $88 Billion After Controversial Reversed Call

A Cowboys fan has sued the NFL for over $88 billion following a controversial reversed call in the NFC playoff game between Dallas and Green Bay earlier this month. According to CBS News, Terry Hendrix, an inmate at Fremont Correctional Facility in Colorado, was outraged following the call that lead to the Packers win over the Cowboys, 26-21. Hendrix hand-wrote the lawsuit terms on a piece of paper, calling out referee Gene Steratore, VP of officiating Dean Blandino, and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, specifically.

“The plaintiffs did suffer a true injury in fact when the respondents did commit a fraud when they performed a gross negligence by and through a ‘video reversal’ of an outstanding 31 yard pass reception by Dez Bryant #88,” wrote Hendrix in part.

The Cowboys fan who chose to sue the NFL requested a very specific sum of money — $88,987,654,321.88 — that he says will go to “all the cheerleaders, fans, of and all people in or from the sovereign Republic of Texas” after what he feels was a completely unfair call. Anyone who watched that game likely recalls exactly which call Hendrix is upset about. Dez Bryant (#88, hence the amount sought in the suit) made a catch that was ruled “incomplete” following a video review.

Hendrix pleads his case, claiming that Dallas would have likely taken the lead (and maybe won) had the Cowboys not been forced to turn the ball over on downs.

According to the New York Daily News, Hendrix has listed “negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, and also reckless disregard” as the cause for his lawsuit, which he evidently feels strongly about. The NFL has not publicly commented on the lawsuit, and many don’t believe it will gain any additional traction.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, most have already moved on from the Cowboys’ loss. The NFL is now focused on the Super Bowl (and who can forget #deflategate) which is this Sunday. The Cowboys will be watching from the comfort of their homes, and Hendrix from prison, if that’s allowed.

When a Cowboys fan sues the NFL over a reversed call, that’s naturally going to make headlines, but Hendrix’s terms were pretty outrageous, which is why people are still reading about this. And while most fans probably wish that they could hold the refs accountable when bad calls are made, that’s the nature of the game. Surely that’s written in the rule book somewhere, right?

[Photo courtesy of the Colorado Department of Corrections via CBS News]