‘Wet Hot American Summer’: Netflix Series Gets More A-List Actors

Netflix isn’t pulling any punches with their upcoming Wet Hot American Summer eight-part miniseries. We recently had the official teaser confirm that the original cast from the 2001 cult film will, in fact, be returning to the series (including folks like Bradley Cooper, Paul Rudd, and Elizabeth Banks). But, apparently that isn’t enough for Netflix. According to Deadline, there are four new A-list actors that have now been confirmed for the Wet Hot American Summer series.

Wet Hot American Summer Cast

“More big names are joining the large ensemble cast of Netflix’s limited series ‘Wet Hot American Summer.’ I hear Chris Pine, Jon Hamm, Kristen Wiig and Jason Schwartzman have been tapped for guest starring/recurring roles in the eight-part series from Michael Showalter and David Wain… I hear Hamm will play a secret spy, Wiig is playing a snobby counselor at the preppy rival camp Camp Tigerclaw, Schwartzman is the boy’s camp head counselor while Pine’s character is described as mysterious. Netflix declined comment.”

These newcomers to the cast are impressive, and as mentioned before, this new announcement is on top of the original Wet Hot American Summer cast that was confirmed in yesterday’s teaser (also below).

It’s a wonder why Netflix is pelting the series with so many celebrities, and invites a big question: Are they adding big name actors to Wet Hot American Summer due to their confidence in the product, or is it more to compensate for the series lack of quality and marketability?

Let’s not forget that despite its cult following, the Wet Hot American Summer film wasn’t exactly the staple of quality — at the very least, not of the mainstream quality. The series is a bit of a risk, and is the piling-on of celebrities proof that they have complete faith in the series or no faith at all? There’s a very thin line in the logic, and until the show is released, it’ll be hard to tell which one it is.

This isn’t the first time Netflix has resurrected a property due to its cult status. In 2013, they gave us Season 4 of Arrested Development — over seven years after Season 3 ended. While some agreed the season had its merits, it is considered by some to be an inferior product. Will this be the same case for Wet Hot American Summer?

What do you think? Is the huge cast a sign of faith or fear for the Wet Hot American Summer series? Let us know your thoughts below!