‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Jackson And April Struggle As Season 11 Resumes

Season 11 of Grey’s Anatomy picks up again with new episodes on ABC beginning Thursday night, and it sounds as if things will be dramatic. The last viewers saw, Jackson had learned devastating news about his baby with April, and Derek had accepted the job in Washington, D.C. What Grey’s Anatomy spoilers are available for the January 29 show?

Jessica Capshaw, who plays Arizona, and Camilla Luddington, who plays Jo, teased via TVLine that people will want to have wine and tissues handy for the remainder of Season 11. Capshaw even teased that people will be throwing things at their television, as Luddington said that there’s no calm before the storm or relaxing as things kick back into gear. Rather it’s all storm, all the time, and people were even crying at the table reads.

So what exactly can viewers expect? As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, Derek will leave Seattle to take the job in Washington, D.C. A preview from TV Guide shows both Derek and Meredith reminiscing as they bid farewell, and this will definitely be a tough one.

Derek will seemingly be off the canvas entirely for a bit, but rest assured, he will eventually return. Meredith will lean more and more on Alex now that both Cristina and Derek are gone, which may rattle Jo a bit.

Many fans are anxious for Grey’s Anatomy spoilers in relation to Jackson and April’s pregnancy. Rhimes teases via TVLine that this is going to be a really powerful story, as Jackson’s scientific side and April’s faithful side collide.

As the Season 11 premiere begins, Jackson knows about the baby’s devastating diagnosis, but April doesn’t. He will soon have to find a way to tell her, though, and fans are anxious to see what they will do.

Dr. Herman, played by Geena Davis, returns, and there will be quite a bit throughout the rest of the season of Arizona and Herman together. As for Arizona and Callie, they’re working on being friendly with one another as Callie works on finding herself again. Grey’s Anatomy spoilers indicate that romance may be blossoming for Amelia and Owen while Jo’s struggles with Alex and Meredith’s relationship will have some humorous and charming moments.

There is clearly a lot on the way for those on Grey’s Anatomy, and fans can’t wait to see how the rest of Season 11 plays out. New episodes air Thursday nights on ABC.

[Image via The Hollywood Reporter]