WWE News: WWE Hypocritically Implements New Rule About Dating Within The Company

WWE is known for implementing policies to keep wrestlers safe or, at least, to protect themselves. This is seen as a good business move, as it allows for WWE to make more money long term and stay out of the courtroom. However, some issues arise that WWE has to nip in the bud as soon as they can. However, they are now implementing what many find to be a hypocritical rule.

According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE talent are no longer able to date office workers or production people. It is said that WWE does not want the talent to interact beyond the professional level with the office or production staffers.

This is why it is hypocritical.

Current WWE Executive Triple H met Stephanie McMahon years ago when Triple H was a WWE talent and nothing more. Stephanie is Vince McMahon’s daughter, of course, and she has been a major part of WWE’s office staff for some time. When she was working with WWE as a talent, she still held positions in the office. When she began dating Triple H, she certainly had influence within the company and only gained power over the years. Many knew that she and/or her brother, Shane McMahon, would get the company once Vince retired.

Shane has now left WWE, leaving all future responsibilities to Stephanie and her husband, Triple H. However, this would not have been if a certain rule that WWE recently added was in place then.

Possibly the biggest controversy in WWE over the years was the relationship between Triple H and Stephanie. Many think Trips slept his way to the top while others feel he ended up getting higher up in the company only because of Stephanie.

Stephanie’s first job with WWE was modeling merchandise for the company as a child. Once she left collegem she began working as an Account Executive for WWE. She came to WWE as a part-time talent a little while after, where she met The Game. Stephanie took a job in creative in 2002. From this point on, Triple H certainly was one of WWE’s top names.

Of course, fans of Triple H claim that his talent helped him rise to the top. For many, Triple H is seen as a bright wrestling mind who is one of the best to ever lace up a pair of wrestling boots. However, that was not always the case. It took time for him to get that kind of praise.

For years, Triple H was dealing with issues over his relationship with Stephanie. WWE fans and talent questioned him and the relationship for a long time, and some still do today.

Which makes one ask the question: If Triple H could do this and get away with it, why can WWE talent not do the same thing now?

Many like John Cena, Daniel Bryan, and others have dated or married WWE Divas. This is not what WWE is against. The main issue is office workers and WWE talent. In other words, if you work as an executive, you cannot talk past the professional level with a WWE Superstar or Diva.

Most people think this makes sense, and it would be fine in almost any other workplace. For WWE, however, that is not the case, especially when the two people gearing up to take over WWE would have violated this very rule years ago.

Does this mean that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came up with this rule? No. WWE’s Board Of Directors, as well as Vince McMahon, could have. However, they all know the history of WWE. It could be that WWE does not want to have another controversy like the one with Triple H and Stephanie, but the fact that it happened means that a rule like this will be questioned.

If this policy was implemented, that probably means someone went past their role at some point with WWE recently. Usually, rules aren’t randomly put into place. Like warning labels, it takes someone to shed light on something before it becomes a problem that needs to be addressed. Regardless, the new rule won’t be without its controversy.

[IMG Credits: WWE.com, Sports Keeda]