Kailyn Lowry Gets Emotional Online: ‘I Don’t Do This Often’

Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry may have shared some emotional ups and downs on the show, but it sounds like she has been able to get through it all with the support of her friends and family. It is no secret that Lowry was struggling a bit when it came to things that happened on Teen Mom, including her pushing her husband, Javi Marroquin, and Kailyn making some comments about Jo Rivera’s decision to cut Isaac’s hair.

But it sounds like Kailyn Lowry has a well-oiled machine behind her when it comes to her success. It is no secret that this mother has plenty of things in the works, including raising two children, being a loyal wife, being a student in Delaware, and even launching business ventures on the side. It is no wonder that Kailyn wants to thank those who support her.

According to a new Instagram post, Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry is now getting all emotional on social media as she posted a picture with the simple caption, “You make my heart smile.”

“I don’t do this often, mainly because it’s hard for me to be affectionate in person. And if I can’t do it in person, why do it on social media? BUT, today I wanted to thank people in my life that I haven’t thanked lately, or enough, for just being a part of my journey,” Kailyn Lowry revealed, continuing, “@lidiagabrielamarroquin thank you for coming to Delaware with your mom to help me with my kids so it’s possible for me to go to school. I know you both have lives of your own and don’t HAVE to be here for us. So thank you for your unconditional love and support.”

It sounds like Kailyn Lowry also wants to thank her friends for being there for her and giving her the honest truth. There have been several occasions when Kailyn asked her friends for advice on Teen Mom, and it appears she wants to say thanks to them, even though the advice may not always have been what Lowry wanted to hear.

“@thatbrowndude93 Thanks for being the voice of reason and always being realistic but optimistic too. Thank you @cpeach22 and @sterlingmblack and @kara286 and @tonimz81 and @ashapo73 for being the most honest friends I could have and never just telling me what I want to hear. I cannot believe every single one of you lives in a different state, literally, every one of you and how big of roles you all play in my life and my family’s lives,” Kailyn revealed.

In the past year, Kailyn Lowry has written a New York Times bestselling book, and she has launched a clothing line, Love & Lowry. It is no wonder that she is getting emotional over the support she has received. And no, Lowry is not emotional over a third pregnancy, according to the Inquisitr.

What do you think about Kailyn Lowry getting such incredible support from her friends and family?

[Image via Twitter]