‘Kate Plus 8’ Star Kate Gosselin’s New Boyfriend Calls Jon A ‘Deadbeat Father’

Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin is one busy mother. While taking care of eight children on her own, she is also competing on Celebrity Apprentice and filming a brand new season of Kate Plus 8. And as she herself points out, she is now dealing with teenagers, as her oldest children are getting into those troublesome years. However, there is one positive element in her life that keeps her going.

Even though fans may not see this on Kate Plus 8, Gosselin actually has a boyfriend who happens to be well-known in the tech world. She is dating Jeff Prescott, a millionaire who founded the popular image-buying site Dreamstime. While this relationship hasn’t really been made public, Prescott is now speaking out, and it appears he knows more than people thought about the Kate Plus 8 star’s prior struggles with Jon Gosselin.

According to a new Radar Online report, Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin’s new boyfriend has plenty of positive things to say about her. Even though the press has often gone after her with how she treats her children on Kate Plus 8, Prescott says that she does a phenomenal job as a mother, given how she is left behind by Jon.

“She’s a loving, caring mother,” Jeff reveals about Kate, adding, “Her children come first.”

In the interview, he doesn’t say that he is dating the Kate Plus 8 star, but he does say things that could make you think that he is emotionally invested in her. He doesn’t come out and say that they are dating, but he is very protective of Gosselin and her children. And he isn’t scared of going after Jon in the media.

“She’s a single mother with a deadbeat father in the picture and eight kids. She has a lot on her plate,” Prescott argues, adding, “She does really well with what she has. The image people portray and who she really is are very different.”

It is very interesting that he is speaking so fondly of Kate. Don’t expect to see him play father on Kate Plus 8, as they supposedly started dating after the show began airing on television. Instead, Gosselin fans should support Kate now that she has been fired from the Celebrity Apprentice. On the show, this Kate Plus 8 star claims she was being real and being herself, but according to the Inquisitr, Gosselin did question her co-stars.

What do you think about Prescott not appearing on Kate Plus 8?

[Image via NBC]