Kate Gosselin Says She Was ‘Real’, Not Sure About Vivica And Kenya

Kate Gosselin spoke out today about getting fired from Celebrity Apprentice, saying there were “tangible reasons” that Kenya Moore should have been the one to go.

Moore and Vivica A. Fox found themselves hip-deep in drama on Monday night’s episode, which escalated to both women calling each other out for being “fake.” Gosselin says she believes the constant fighting held her team back.

“That went on for about an hour. There was a lot that wasn’t seen, but I don’t know if I have an opinion on it. I was there and let them go on without me being a part of it. I don’t know if they were being real or acting,” Gosselin told The Wrap.

Fox told Meridith Vieira earlier this month that Moore had stabbed her in the back and presented “despicable behavior” during the time they worked together and revealed that her nickname for the Real Housewives Of Atlanta star is “Toxic Trick.”

Kate says she isn’t sure whether the women were playing up their rivalry for the show or if they truly dislike each other, but she does know that she was herself the entire time.

“I was real every moment of that show. I learned a lot about myself and how low some will go to win. I don’t need to say names, and in real life, there are those who will do anything to get ahead. If you have to win that way, pull out that menagerie of tricks, that’s not winning,” Gosselin said.

Kate Gosselin is no stranger to reality show-drama after starring in one of her own for several years with her eight kids and estranged husband, but she said in December that she is “not a drama-starter” and would rather put a lid on a pot that’s about to boil over rather than stir it.