‘Zombie Cat’ Resurrected On The Fifth Day Lives

The news is full of close encounters and near tragic circumstances. However, no story can come close to that of Bart, who has been dubbed the “zombie cat.” As in the wildly popular zombie movies, this sweet cat had an unfortunate accident that resulted in burial. Yet today, he still lives. How is this possible?

Most of us have experienced the heartbreak of losing a precious pet. It could be safely said, though, that few of us have had an animal return home from the grave. Ellis Hutson, the “zombie cat” owner, has had this unique pleasure.

ABC News reports that Hutson found his cat in the middle of the road, the tiny, still body lying in a pool of blood. His bond with Bart was strong, having had the nearly two-year-old cat since he was a kitten. Too distraught to bury him, Ellis called on the kindness of his neighbor for help. Dusty Albritton complied, burying the cat in the back yard.

“We were so close, I couldn’t stand to bury him. I put him on the shoulder of the road and went and got David. He dug a hole and covered up the cat with dirt. I witnessed him bury the cat.”

Apparently, Bart is made of stronger stuff than that. For five long days, he was cocooned within a would-be grave with severe injuries, including a broken jaw and the loss of one eye. On the fifth day, Bart the cat climbed out and appeared at Dusty’s door. According to her, he appeared to be in no pain whatsoever. Surprisingly, “zombie cat” lives! Albritton remains in stunned shock.

“I saw him with my own eyes. I know he was dead. He was cold and stiff.”

Albritton’s cat also died that day. The neighbors assume the two were hit by the same car. She jokes that now her kids think their cat will live again as well. She assures them there’s only one “zombie cat.”

The “zombie cat” who was once dead but now lives is receiving care at the Tampa Bay Humane Society, which includes surgery to repair his jaw. Ellis Hutson has taken the full weight of the bill onto his own shoulders. To help with the large cost, his neighbor has set up an account with GoFundMe. They currently have raised over $5,000. The original goal was only $1500.

Everyone close to the “zombie cat” are delighted that, by some miracle, he still lives. Albritton has a positive perspective.

“The only thing I can think of is that this is God’s miracle. And I thought, why five days later? If Bart was alive before, he would have come to our homes earlier. All I can think of is that God created animal life on the fifth day.”

Whatever happened, Bart the cat is here for a reason, and we can all be happy that the “zombie cat” lives!

[Image via Internet Do]