January 28, 2015
Did Emile Hirsch Put A Paramount Exec In A Headlock? More Details On The Alleged Sundance Scuffle

Earlier, the Inquisitr reported a story that ran out of Sundance about actor Emile Hirsch allegedly assaulting a Paramount executive. Now we have more details regarding the alleged scuffle, as police continue to investigate the situation out of Park City, Utah.

A source told In Touch that the Paramount executive in question is Dani Bernfeld, and that the actor was trying to approach her earlier, and had to be dragged away before the alleged assault happened. Sources say the attack happened at 3:30 a.m. on Sunday, January 25, and that Emile stayed to talk to the police after the incident.

As of right now, we don't know if anything transpired earlier in the night to lead to the assault, but the source did say that "Emile was aggressively picking on Dani. He got even more aggressive... He pushed Dani up against a table, and then put her in a headlock."

A different source detailed a similar story, and said Hirsch put the Paramount executive "in a chokehold" and then assaulted her.

"He attacked her from behind — he completely blindsided her after he'd been s**t talking and was already led away from her once."
As the Inquisitr previously reported, the police are investigating the situation, and it will be decided if charges will be filed or not.

Earlier, Page Six reported via a source, "Something happened between the movie exec and Emile, and she said she had been assaulted and asked security to call the police."

"Emile didn't leave the scene, and calmly waited for the police to arrive, and spoke with them until around 5 a.m., after which he went home with his friends. No arrests were made."
Another source told the outlet that they couldn't believe the story simply because, "He's a really nice guy. I can't imagine he'd be involved in anything like this."

A spokesperson from the Park City Police Department released this statement when the news broke of the Sundance assault.

"Currently this is an active case that we're still investigating. We'll be submitting the case to the Summit County Attorney's Office for screening as soon as we complete the investigation."
Recently, the Hollywood Reporter named Dani Bernfeld, the VP of Paramount's Digital Entertainment, one of Hollywood's New Class of the next generation.

At the time the publication wrote, "the New York native and Vassar College alum has helped Paramount adapt with projects such as the half-hour comedy Hotwives of Orlando for Hulu and the upcoming Elizabeth Banks-produced Resident Advisors. She has several film projects in the works for Insurge, too, including WorldStarHipHop, a rare movie based on a website."

So far, Bernfeld has not released a statement.

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