June 29, 2017
Mayor 2 Chainz? Rapper Preparing To Run For Office In Georgia

Rapper 2 Chainz may soon be making a major career transition -- from rapper to politician.

Us Weekly reported on Wednesday that the 37-year-old rapper is currently considering a run for mayor.

2 Chainz (born Tauheed Epps) first spoke about his dreams of becoming a politician during an interview with XXL Magazine.

"I'm supposed to be running for mayor in College Park. I got everybody wishing."
Born and raised in College Park, Georgia, it makes sense why 2 Chainz would want to find a big way to give back to the community. Instead of making a charitable donation to the city, though, it seems as if 2 Chainz wants to do a little more by thinking about joining the mayoral race.

To confirm his sincerity, he continued by specifically stating what is holding him back from officially beginning his journey towards that office.

"I'm really gonna do this little mayor thing in College Park. I'm just trying to make sure I have the right qualifications."
In another interview with the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the Grammy-nominated rapper did not hesitate to discuss the projected timeline of his mayoral run.
"I am looking forward to running at the end of this year or next year."
If 2 Chainz decides to make his mayoral run officially, reports confirm that he would likely have to run against Jack Longino. Longino has been the mayor of College Park for nearly two decades.

In an interview with the Daily Beast, Longino was asked about the man that could potentially remove him from his office in the near future. In addition to emphasizing the responsibility of the people's decision, Longino also mentioned he had no idea who 2 Chainz even was due to his own personal taste in music.

"[If 2 Chainz] actually lives in College Park and wants to run and signs up, we'll let the people decide... I didn't know who he was, but I'm not a big rapper. I'm a country-western guy. I don't listen to the rap."
There have definitely been quite a few people on Twitter responding to the news of 2 Chainz preparing to run for mayor.2 Chainz had a chance to share his political views recently in his now-viral interview with Nancy Grace earlier this month. The discussion was primarily focused on a debate over marijuana legalization.

However, during the interview, Nancy did take the time to commend 2 Chainz for his academic achievements in school and high GPA long before he found success in his rapping career.

[Image Credit: Huffington Post]