January 28, 2015
Greg Anthony's Arrest Detailed, 'Oh, Yeah'

Details have been released in court documents over former basketball star Greg Anthony's arrest, and it's not pretty. The one time Knicks player was arrested in connection with a prostitution-solicitation ring on January 16 in Washington D.C. New details have emerged, though, of exactly what went down that night earlier this month in our nation's capital.

According to the New York Post, the 47-year-old Anthony, a married father of four, responded to an "escort ad that was placed in a publication [Backpage.com] by the undercover cop, who was part of the Human Trafficking Unit."

It was 5:45 p.m. when the undercover officer arrived at Anthony's room.

When given the price for a "sex session," Anthony responded, "Oh, I don't wanna say all that."

Apparently, he felt shy talking about the big bucks he was willing to shell out.

To which the undercover officer replied, "I just need to know so I don't have any surprises."

And then Anthony said, "Oh, just whatever."

You think "whatever" would be a little ambiguous for the situation, but what do I know?

The officer, who reportedly told Anthony it would cost $80, then asked Anthony if he wanted her to "dress up."

Anthony's response was, "Oh, yeah." Oh no, Greg Anthony, you should have said no from the very beginning.

It was then that the undercover officer signaled to her fellow police officers, who rushed in to arrest Anthony.

Anthony was in the D.C. area to announce the University of Maryland-Michigan State game that Saturday afternoon in College Park, Maryland.

Anthony, who was working as an official CBS sports announcer, "has been suspended indefinitely and will not be working for CBS this season," according to the Washington Post. Anthony was also suspended by Turner Sports.

Anthony has a court date on February 2 and could face up to 90 days in jail for this misdemeanor if convicted.

The whole situation has caused quite a stir online with most people mocking the situation, some asking if the undercover cop playing a prostitute would be "willing to dress up as a cop."

[Photo Courtesy of TV Smack Talk]