Selena Gomez Gets Epic Prom Invitation From Buff High School Kid On YouTube [Video]

Prom is what teenage dreams are made of. As the night of romance, glitz, and glamor is approaching near, one student is going viral for asking Selena Gomez to be his date for the magical night.

Cole LaBrant, a senior from Enterprise High School, created an epic “promposal” video for the actress-singer. Shooting around his hometown, LaBrant showed off his moves while dancing to a medley of Gomez’s hits. Along with his friends, LaBrant danced off to Selena’s hits like, “Love You Like a Love Song” and “Slow Down.” He even added some tunes from Selena’s bestie, Taylor Swift, just to lure the singer towards him.

LaBrant isn’t the only guy pining for chart-topping singer. Selena’s ex, Justin Bieber, is reportedly still thinking about her. The two celebrities dated on and off since 2011 before breaking up for good last year. While Bieber was seen canoodling with the likes of Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin, Gomez had been taking cues from Taylor Swift by enjoying the single life.

The last couple of weeks saw the Monte Carlo star stepping out and having fun with DJ and music producer Zedd. The two had been posting their sweet little moments on their social media sites and fans are ecstatic about the new pair. Gomez recently posted a photo of Zedd wrapping his arms around her, fanning the flames of this new romance even further.

Gomez made a guest appearance on Z100’s Maxwell radio show and talked about how happy she is right now. The host made her rank her happiness level from 1 to 10 and Selena replied, “Like an 8 or 9.”

Zedd is working hard on Gomez’s new album, so this just might be a professional relationship and not a steamy one. Even though ZeddLena isn’t official yet, Bieber is reported to be increasingly jealous with Selena’s new beau, asking close guy friends if the rumors were indeed true. Bieber is still hoping that Selena would return to his arms and is distressed over the appearance of the pop star’s new man. Now that she’s moved on, will Bieber ever learn to let go?

Fans are waiting whether ZeddLena will become a reality in the future because the two haven’t confirmed it yet. For that one fan in Alabama, he still has months to go before prom. We can only hope that Selena gives him the answer that he’s been waiting for.

[Image via YouTube]