GOP Candidates All Want Tim Tebow’s Endorsement

Time Tebow is a popular guy these days. Having brought the Denver Broncos to the playoffs and now to face the New England Patriots in round two. This time though it isn’t just the reporters calling. The Republican nominees would love to get an endorsement from Tim Tebow, All of them.

Tebow’s enormous popularity and his conservative leanings make him a prime target for the Republican candidates for an endorsement. He is an evangelical christian and staunchly pro-life.

Tebow had this to say after he was asked whether the rumors were true that he had been contacted by several candidates,

“I think you have to have so much trust in who you support, just from product endorsements to endorsing a candidate because if that person or company does something (bad), it reflects on you,”

Tebow, who’s a pitchman for Nike, Jockey and FRS energy drink confirmed that he had been contacted by more than one of the campaigns.

At this point in the game all major candidates are trying to pick up as much momentum and star power as they can. Mitt Romney just picked up an endorsement from Senator John McCain. Newt Gingrich just got an endorsement from Todd Palin and Rick Santorum just picked up an endorsement from John Duggar.

Tebow would still be considered a touchdown for any of the candidates in their search for the Republican nomination and the a chance to take on Obama in 2012.

Do you think Tim Tebow should endorse a Republican candidate?