Sarah Palin For President In 2016? Palin’s ‘Campaign Ad’ Leaks: Strengthen Your Back So The Man Can’t Ride Ya! [Video]

This new YouTube video called “Sarah Palin Ad for 2016” is pretty funny, even if it is a spoof video put together by Bloomberg Business, using Sarah Palin’s own confusing and intriguing words, taken out of context from her recent speech in Iowa. Published on January 26, the Palin for President 2016 campaign ad received nearly 1,500 views on YouTube within hours. According to the Inquisitr, Sarah Palin has already said she is seriously interested in a 2016 run for president, so Bloomberg explains beneath their viral YouTube video that they took it upon themselves to create her first campaign ad.

“Sarah Palin might run for president, and her speech this weekend in Iowa offered a preview at what her campaign might look like. So we cut her first ad for the 2016 race.”

Of course, editing a video for a Sarah Palin for President 2016 campaign ad by taking certain snippets out of a long speech makes for a super-confusing portrayal of Palin. It’s sort of like when Sarah stated that parts of Alaska can be seen from Russia or vice versa, and as Tina Fey as Sarah Palin on SNL stated, “I can see Russia from my house,” and everyone ran with Fey’s version, pegging those words to Palin ever since. Yet and still, this new viral YouTube video doesn’t paint Palin in her best light.

“It’s about dang time. Hopey changey astro-turfy DC-based businesses.”

“What will they do to stop causing our pain and start feeling it again?”

“That a pantsuit can crush patriots?”

“From bad comes good — that’s been one of my mantras.”

“There is no free phone. Someone pays, someone always pays.”

The Palin reference to a free phone seemed related to reports about a phone company that’s “outraged” by Obamaphone fraud and abuse, as reported by CBS, detailing how the nationwide cellphone company that’s giving out phones and cellphone plans in the regional Denver area as part of a massive government program aren’t happy with those taking advantage of the program. But Palin’s speech continued on to other topics.

“We on offense give them the truth and the true state of the union, especially showing young people what’s going on.”

“On gender, they shackle them to the good old boys.”

“The man can only ride ya when your back is bent. So strengthen it, then the man can’t ride ya.”

“What the media will do throughout all of 2016…”

“We have to be candid and the people deserve the candidness because that leads to solutions…amnesty…no!”

[Image via Palin for President 2016 YouTube ad]