Busted! Men Catcall Women Who Are Actually Their Undercover Mothers [Video]

Sometimes it’s great to watch people get busted — and such is the case with these men who habitually catcall women in the streets. The American clothing company Everlast decided to do something about the problem in Lima, Peru — a city where seven out of 10 women face catcalls and harassment on the streets. By focusing on two men who were known to be repeat offenders, the company contacted their mothers and got them to agree to dress in disguise and walk past their sons.

The outcome, to say the least, is both highly satisfying and hilarious.

The company released the video as a public service announcement. As the woman in the video explains, some men believe the catcalls and street harassment to be a minor offense, yet women fear the sexual harassment more than getting mugged. And so, once they got two mothers of the repeat offenders to participate, they gave them makeovers, changing their looks, and sent them to the street.

The two mothers were, understandably, horrified.

The first “case,” as the video calls it, is that of cat caller Renzo and his mom. Renzo’s mom, now dressed in a sleek black dress with a new hairdo, walks past her son and his friend and as she does so, her own son calls out “Tasty panties!” His mom stops, turns and says his name. And, even in a different language (subtitles are included in the video), you can hear the confusion and dread in her son’s voice as he replies, “Mom? Oh, Mom.”


He holds his hands out to his mom beseechingly, trying to claim that he’s “not being dirty.” But his mom is having none of it. He changes tactics and says she never dresses like that, and he thought she was someone else, but his mom isn’t buying that, either.

“We women can wear whatever we want!” she tells him, showing that age has nothing to do with female solidarity.

Renzo’s mother proceeds to steal the show, so to speak, by beating her son about the head with her purse which, frankly, seems like an appropriate response to being called “Tasty panties” by your own son.

Case number two has, perhaps, an even less fortunate start, with the repeat catcall offender saying, “Hello, piggy,” to a woman with long, dark hair in a lime green dress who just happens to be his mom.

“It wasn’t me, Mom! It was that other guy!” her son pleads, but, like Renzo’s mom, she’s not having any of it.

So, cat callers be warned! Don’t say anything to a passing woman that you would be ashamed to say in front of your own mother, like referring to a woman as “Tasty panties,” for example. The woman you insult and harass just might be your mother. For more on catcalling and the shocking confessions of men who engage in the uncivilized practice, click here. And watch the video below. It’s guaranteed to make you laugh.

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