Zombie Cat: Buried Cat Claws Way Out Of Grave After Being Left For Dead

A real-life zombie cat truly exists! A buried cat clawed his way out of his grave after being left for dead alongside a road in Florida. The Humane Society of Tampa Bay has taken in the miracle cat and hopes to do their best to help save him.

Rescuers tell FOX 13 in Tampa Bay that the miracle kitty has severe trauma to his head, has a dead eye, a broken jaw, and other serious injuries.

Ellis Hutson is the cat’s owner and says “Bart” was hit by a vehicle and left for dead. He buried his beloved cat several days ago and is amazed Bart survived his horrendous ordeal.

Bart wound up on a neighbor’s front yard after he dug himself out of the grave. Hutson told rescuers that he was certain he was dead. He has no way of explaining how the buried cat clawed his way out of his grave. When they found the zombie cat alive, he was rushed to the veterinarian hospital.

Bart will have an operation, but will lose one eye.

“This doesn’t happen. Cats don’t just come back to life. Not five days after they’ve been put in the ground,” Hutson’s neighbor said, according to News 96.5.

Doctors at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay are scheduling surgery to save Bart’s life. There’s no guarantee he’ll make it, but his good luck after fooling everyone into thinking he was dead may be an indicator as to how well he pulls through again!

FOX 13 reports that rescuers tell them they believe Bart may have regained consciousness, dug himself out of the ground, and decided to hide out for a few days. They believe Bart will live, but will lose one of his eyes.

Bart is still in good spirits despite being hit by a car then buried alive. He purrs when he gets attention, loves being pet, and acts as though nothing happened. The black-and-white cat is very much a big mess – covered in dirt and dried up blood. When he gets all fixed up again, he should be good to go.

The Inquisitr wrote on another animal that was believed dead, but dug itself out of a grave. A hamster was buried in the ground and 24 hours later managed to crawl out.

The story about a buried cat clawing his way out of his grave is good news for his owner who hated parting with his pet. It’s yet one more story of a cat having nine lives!

[Image via FOX 13]