Kate Middleton's Fair Trade Earrings: Just $45, And A Booming Business For A Small Indonesian Village

Amy Schaeffer

One of the things people love about the Duchess of Cambridge is that she is so relatable. Although the former commoner is slated to be the Queen of England, she seems to keep those stylish feet of hers firmly on the ground.

According to StyleWatch, when Princess Kate chose some new gold dangly earrings to accessorize her brown silk Hobbs dress at last Friday's charity event, no one was more thrilled than the jewelry designer herself.

Kate is well-known for her stylish, trend-setting ways and for her kind heart, much like her late Mother-in-law before her, Princess Diana. Although Kate was voted the "most stylish woman of 2014," that doesn't mean everything she owns is high-end or that she never wears the same thing twice. On the contrary, she is known to wear reasonably priced clothing and to recycle maternity clothes, making her signature looks a true possibility for everyday women everywhere.

At this particular event, Kate opted for the "Lolita" style: 22-carat gold-plated loop earrings from the Veronique Henry of Mirabelle Jewellery designers "mythology" collection, which retail for $45. The founder and designer was overcome with happiness at Kate's purchase.

"Our website crashed, it went absolutely mad but I'm beside myself with happiness! She got them at the jewelry boutique 'Felt' in Chelsea. They are very popular earrings, but now even more so since she wore them."

The style of earrings are sold out, and people are on a three-week waiting list to purchase them after she donned the subtle but elegant earrings for the event. Because of the fair trade, handmade nature of Henry's jewelry business, there are only so many pieces that can be made at once, Henry explained.

"They are made in Indonesia by just one family. That's the great thing about Kate wearing these — they are made in a little village by a lovely family. So now all the cousins, aunties, everyone in the family are rallying round to help out."

Henry called them personally to tell them that their earrings were being worn by the future Queen of England and they were thrilled. The booming business for them is no doubt a dream come true, and it's truly heart-warming that a small act of Kate buying a pair of reasonably priced, fair trade earrings can help a hard-working family in a distant country not only make a living, but feel that they have a place in influencing style. What's more, their jewelry is being worn by one of the most stylish women in the world.

[Photo courtesy of Reuters]