Apollo Nida Threatened To Burn Down House: Phaedra’s Mother Scared To Find Parks And Children Dead

Apollo Nida was found guilty of fraud earlier in 2014, and he was sentenced to eight years in prison. Nida is currently serving time behind bars, but a few weeks did pass from the moment he was handed down his sentence to the day he was to turn himself in. And these weeks were documented on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Clearly, this was an emotional time for the family.

While Apollo Nida was taking his sons out for ice cream to discuss him going away for a long time, Nida was doing something else when cameras were not present. Clearly, Apollo wanted the viewers to see him trying to make the situation easier for his boys to understand. But in the preview for the upcoming episode, Phaedra Parks revealed some downright scary claims.

According to a new EnStarz report, Apollo Nida supposedly threatened his wife to the point where her mother was scared to find them all dead in the home. Parks tells her mother in the preview that Apollo has been showing some erratic and crazy behavior, which can only be described as troublesome.

“Apollo is definitely unraveling because he’s going to prison very soon. It’s only a few days left until he turns himself in. He’s making all kinds of threats, threatening to burn down the house,” Phaedra tells her mother, who is horrified at the story.

Apparently, Nida had already accused his wife of cheating on him. He had also damaged the walls in the home, and at one point, Phaedra was unsure whether Nida would hurt himself.

Parks’ mother claims that she wanted to remove her daughter and her two grandsons from the home because she didn’t want to show up and find them all dead prior to Apollo going to jail.

“We’re getting out of here. For the safety of you and those children,” she revealed.

As for Apollo Nida, he is staying in touch with some of his friends while behind bars. Apparently, Nida has been in touch with Peter Thomas, who filmed the show with him for years.

“Peter and Apollo actually are still quite friendly. You know, he calls him and they keep in touch,” Cynthia Bailey has said about her husband’s friendship with Nida, adding, “I assume (Phaedra is) doing OK. It’s tough. It’s a tough situation to be in. However, I think she is strong and I think she’ll be OK.”

Apollo isn’t the only Real Housewives star behind bars. Teresa Giudice is also serving time, though she was given a much lesser sentence. Nida recently gave Teresa some advice, according to the Inquisitr.

What do you think of Apollo Nida’s scary behavior? Do you think he could hurt Phaedra and his children?

[Image via Bravo]