‘Transformers 5’ News: New Robots, Plot Details Confirmed

The Transformers 5 news has been mostly rumors up to this point, but new confirmations have hit. Michael Bay is officially out, content to simply produce the next film. In his place it is said that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles director Jonathan Liebesman will be taking over.

This could mean the next movie in the series will meet the same critical reception as before, since TMNT was generally about as well received as the Transformers films after Revenge of the Fallen.

For fans who are willing to take the chance and see it anyway, the Transformers 5 story has been given a little more detail with the confirmation of new robots and a general plot reveal. Optimus Prime gave viewers a hint at the end of Age of Extinction about where the Transformers 5 plot would go.

'Transformers 5': Quintessons will be the main villains
‘Transformers 5’: Classic Quintessons will be the main villains

The series is officially heading to Cybertron as fan favorite characters join the fight. If you’ve seen the original animated Transformers movie, you might remember some of them.

The new faces making this Transformers 5 news exciting are Override, Red Alert, and Ultra Magnus on the Autobot side, and Scourge, Blitzwing, and Cyclonus for the Decepticons. Scourge, Cyclonus, and Ultra Magnus played major roles in the story when Unicron came along, but the giant transforming planet hasn’t been confirmed for the series yet (he has been rumored on IMDb, though, as Optimus Prime’s “evil twin brother”). Other Autobots are expected to join the ranks, known only as the “Mechanoids.”

Other additional faces include the previously rumored Quintessons, the dark forces Optimus Prime was talking about at the end of the last film. This film could easily become the Empire Strikes Back of Transformers movies as the villains could be too powerful this time.

Other confirmed faces for this collection of Transformers 5 news are the return of Mark Wahlberg as Cade Yeager, as well as the addition of Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis. It is unknown if the latter of the two will join the Transformers 5 cast as human characters or voice actors for the new cast. If they are going to be human characters, fans may be expecting this to be the seed of a Transformers G.I. Joe crossover, or possibly getting flashbacks of Michael Bay’s Pain and Gain (which starred Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson).

Jonathan Liebesman has even hinted at the possibility of a crossover between Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but that may be too much even for loyal fans who might wonder what the plans would be for Megan Fox. She played major roles in both film franchises.

This latest Transformers 5 news certainly opens up new rumors as it confirms others. Are you excited to see the result when the Transformers 5 release date hits on June 24, 2016?

[Image via escapistmagazine.com, Comic Vine]