When Is Groundhog Day 2015? Punxatuwney Phil May Be Snowed In — Cross Your Fingers For An Early Spring

Groundhog Day is coming up, but it’s possible Punxatuwney Phil will be snowed in and unable to see his shadow. With the Winter Storm Juno dumping piles of snow in the Northeast this week, let’s hope he will be shoveled out in time to give us his prediction — an early Spring would be appreciated by snow-haters across the country.

Punxatuwney Phil has a week to dig out of his snowy home in Gobbler’s Knob, Pennsylvania. Groundhog Day is February 2, just one day after Super Bowl Sunday. Perhaps while he’s getting ready to let us know if we will have an extra-long winter or an early spring, he can make another prediction — will the Patriots or Seahawks win?

According to Groundhog.org, Phil is scheduled to give his official prognostication at 7:20 a.m. ET on February 2. If all goes well, he won’t see his shadow and we will (hopefully) have an early Spring. To watch Phil make his prediction live, watch the live streaming webcast here.

If you sleep in, head over to the PAGroundhog channel on YouTube to watch the famous groundhog rise up out of his temporary home to deliver what everyone hopes will be good news, especially after a extremely snowy week in the Northeast. Prior to the big event, check out some of his most recent videos on YouTube to see what Phil has been doing with his time since his most recent live appearance last February.

Punxatuwney Phil is also fairly good at keeping his fans updated on social media, so he will be tweeting out the news on Twitter and posting the results of shadow-watch 2015 on his official Facebook page.

“A groundhog can whistle! This happens when it is scared. Groundhogs also whistle in the spring when they begin courting their mate. Perhaps Punxutawney Phil will whistle if he gets scared of the big crowd that comes to watch him emerge from his temporary home in Gobbler’s Knob.”

Don’t forget to add Groundhog Day, February 2, to your calendar so you can find out if Phil predicts an early Spring for 2015.

[Image: Groundhog.org]