‘The Voice’ Blake Shelton Mocks Adam Levine Bromance, Calls Miranda Lambert ‘Stage Mom’ Amid Alcoholism Rumors

Country crooner and The Voice coach Blake Shelton isn’t known for holding back when it comes to his views on everything from marriage to fellow coach Adam Levine. So when he received an opportunity to mock the show and his life on Saturday Night Live, he eagerly accepted. But SNL’s depiction of The Voice struck a somewhat out-of-tune note, reported Yahoo TV.

Ever since The Voice began, critics have compared it to American Idol. As a result, the writers contrasted the judges. They also encouraged Blake to make fun of both his bromance with Adam as well as Pharrell William’s passion for hats.

As the Inquisitr reported, The Voice bromance brothers Shelton and Levine will both return for the new season. Pharrell also will return. And after missing two seasons, Christina Aguilera will be back in her familiar revolving chair as well.

Despite the fact that she wasn’t included in SNL and couldn’t even attend the live taping, Miranda Lambert worried about Blake’s decision to appear, reported E News.

“I think there’s a little part of Miranda that’s really worried about this. I mean, just to be completely honest,” Shelton confessed.

When asked why she was stressed, Blake admitted that she plays the role of stage mom when it comes to reining him in his wilder side.

“Miranda’s always the one when we’re at parties or something and I’m being funny and I start taking it too far into gross land or whatever, she’s the one that’s always like, ‘Blake! Blake, stop it.’ She won’t be here when we do this and there won’t be anybody.”

“She’s like a stage mom and she won’t be here to go, ‘Oh, I really don’t think you should do that,'” added Blake.

Shelton’s admittance that he causes Lambert to feel stressed comes amid rumors that she is an alcoholic, reported the Hollywood Gossip.

The rumors escalated when Miranda described her habit of taking a daily Claritin and linked her need for the allergy medication to her drinking.

“I have to take them in the morning because I drink a lot. Advil helps. So does a Bloody Mary,” said Lambert cheerfully.

Miranda followed up that calm comment by offering a commentary on how much alcohol she admits to drinking regularly.

“You know when you have to check those boxes when you go to the doctor? Do you drink every day? Never? Socially? I’m always like, Hmmm, the truth or not the truth?”

[Photo By Rick Diamond/Getty Images]