Ashley Hebert Rosenbaum ‘Bachelorette’ Update: Teething Baby, Happy Family

Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum of The Bachelorette welcomed baby Fordham Rhys last fall, and fans simply cannot get enough of him. Ashley and JP share a lot of photos and updates of baby Ford via social media, and it looks like the family is doing really well. What’s the latest from the Rosenbaum family?

Bachelorette star Ashley Rosenbaum recently shared a picture of JP holding Ford, and there’s a Starbucks mug in the background. She joked that her two favorite things, Ford and Starbucks, were represented in the picture. She teased that she was kidding-not-kidding about JP not qualifying as one of her favorite things. Luckily fans know that Ashley and JP have great senses of humor and ultimately are kidding with one another.

Another recent photo was a bit of a rare one, in that it had JP, Ashley, and Ford all in the same photo and she captioned it “Da (Rosen) Bombs!” All three have big smiles on their faces, including Ford, and more than 20,000 followers “liked” the photo in short order. While there are plenty of smiles coming from the trio these days, there are some challenges popping up for the Rosenbaums, too.

Ashley also posted a photo showing her looking awfully tired as she mentioned that “4 month sleep regression is real! #help #mommy #ootd? #-zzzz” It seems that Ford is teething now and, while he may have slept quite well in the early newborn days, he’s sleeping a bit less soundly these days. Ashley admits in another post, though, that she shouldn’t complain about the first sleepless night she had recently as it sounds as if he’s typically a pretty easy and good baby.

JP has done his fair share of posting adorable Fordy pictures too, admitting in a recent post that it’s almost impossible to put his little boy down. Bachelorette fans can definitely see why Ashley and JP are so full of smiles these days. It may have taken a bit longer than fans wanted for them to have their first baby, but he clearly was worth the wait.

Ashley and JP are living in Miami, Florida, these days and it certainly seems that all is well. They couldn’t make it to the latest Bachelor franchise events that featured a number of the stars from previous seasons, but fans certainly understand.

Where can Bachelor and Bachelorette fans look to next when it comes to a baby bump watch? Catherine and Sean Lowe have indicated that they’re still planning to wait a bit, perhaps until next year, before they start a family. Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried just got hitched, and they have already mentioned kids, so it may be that they’ll jump into building a family sooner rather than later.

Ashley and JP have been tweeting throughout Chris Soules’ The Bachelor 2015 season, having fun with the new lead and crop of ladies in the mix. Fans are hopeful there may be a wedding and babies to come from this new season as well, since Chris says he’s found love. For now, though, fans will have to tide themselves over with adorable updates from JP and Ashley Rosenbaum of baby Fordham.

[Image via Ashley Hebert Rosenbaum’s Instagram]