Catherine Giudici Lowe Pregnancy Rumors: Is ‘Bachelor’ Star Expecting Baby With Sean Lowe?

Is Catherine Giudici pregnant with her first baby? The Bachelor star married Sean Lowe a year ago, and fans would love to see the couple start a family. Sean and Catherine appeared on the read carpet during Chris Soules’ premiere last week, and her appearance made many wonder if she’s got a bun in the oven. Now Catherine is trying to squash the rumors.

During their red carpet chat, host Chris Harrison asked Sean and Catherine about baby plans. They’ve previously indicated that they’re planning to wait a bit yet to expand their family, and that answer didn’t change during their chat with Harrison. Sean said that perhaps in 2016 a baby would pop out, which would mean they are not yet expecting.

Despite that, Bachelor fans started buzzing that they thought Giudici might already be pregnant. She is quite into fashion and had a stunning ensemble on for Monday’s premiere. However, many fans watching from home thought that her cape and seemingly strategically-placed purse might have been covering a small baby bump. Some fans theorize that the 2016 quip was meant as a distraction and that Cat and Sean aren’t ready to announce the exciting news yet.

Many of Cat’s followers are commenting on her Instagram pictures trying to decipher each photo and speculating that the Bachelor couple may have a baby on the way. A few days after the premiere, as fans continued to buzz, Catherine took to Twitter to crush the dreams of Bachelor baby watchers. She said she was not pregnant, and she said it with emphasis.

Catherine wrote, “IIIIIIIIIMMMMMMNOOOOOOTPREEEEEGGGNAAAAAANT” and she added a few emoticons that would reinforce that she is not pregnant with a baby. The post was favorited more than 1,200 times though some fans are still speculating.

In the past, Sean and Catherine said that they were looking forward to starting a family and wanted quite a few kids. However, they’ve since said that they’re keeping busy with their current work projects and they’re happy with life the way it is at this point, but that kids are definitely a part of the long-term plans.

There is a new baby in the family to fawn over as Sean’s sister Shay and her family just adopted a little girl from China. Sean and Catherine have expressed their excitement over little Ashby’s addition to the family and that may be enough for them now.

Some will likely still speculate that Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are pregnant and just not ready to announce the news yet, despite her denial. At whatever point Bachelor stars Sean and Catherine are ready to expand their family it’s clear that fans will be excited and supportive.

[Image via Catherine Giudici Lowe’s Instagram]