Teresa Giudice Gets Special Treatment In Prison? Fellow Inmates Are Reportedly Furious

Is Teresa Giudice being treated better than the other inmates at the federal prison in Danbury, Connecticut?

According to a January 22 report by In Touch Weekly via Radar Online, Giudice has gotten special treatment behind bars — and her fellow inmates aren’t happy about it.

“Some inmates call her ‘Princess Teresa.’ They don’t like her, because they think she gets special treatment from the staff. She’ll get a job in the kitchen when other inmates were told there were no openings, she gets to eat lunch before the main line at lunch and dinner.”

Most recently, Teresa Giudice’s family was approved for visits with her in a quicker fashion than is typical for the facility.

“Her kids were approved for visits the day she arrived.”

Still, despite the reality star having reportedly gotten on the bad side of some, a source told In Touch Weekly she’s also made a few friends.

“She’s met some women who are acting nice to her right now, but she knows to watch her back. Teresa talks to quite a few people now, mainly the women who teach the exercise classes and her five roommates. She was dancing with them the other day and asked them to teach her how to twerk. They thought it was funny.”

As the Inquisitr recently reported, a former inmate, Beatrice Codianni, recently spoke out, advising Teresa Giudice to maintain a low profile while serving her time.

In her interview with Radar Online, Codianni released the following statements:

“My advice to Teresa is to maintain as low a profile as possible. If the other inmates are picking on Teresa, which they might do because of her celebrity status, do not do anything that will get you more time in there.”

If Teresa Giudice was to act out during her sentence, she could be faced with additional time or even a prison transfer. First, however, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star would be dealt with a reduction to her visitation. While her husband, Joe, and their four daughters are certainly planning to visit Giudice as often as possible, they would likely be unable to visit if she was to act out against her fellow inmates.

“I just hope she just keeps her focus and doesn’t let anyone say or do anything to her that will get her upset and set her off because the first thing they will take away from her are her visitation rights.”

Teresa Giudice is scheduled to be released from prison in early 2016.

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