Did Dr. Jenn Berman Confirm Farrah Abraham’s Return To ‘Couples Therapy’?

Dr. Jenn Berman has responded to Farrah Abraham’s talk of a Couples Therapy return.

As the Inquisitr recently reported, Abraham hinted of a Couples Therapy return on Twitter earlier this week.

In her message to Dr. Jenn Berman, Abraham, formerly of MTV’s Teen Mom, wrote, “@drjennmann look forward to seeing you soon. I need my #Farrapy from only the best of the best #Therapy.”

A while later, Dr. Berman shared her reply.

“Looking forward to it too!”

Last time Abraham was featured on Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn Berman, she appeared alone after DJ Brian Dawe, whom she claimed was her boyfriend, backed out of filming and alleged their relationship was a setup.

In an interview with Starcasm, Dawe revealed the following information.

“I got myself in this situation because I was only thinking about the profit I would be making from doing this show. That was wrong. In the back of my head I realized I could not participate in a TV show that would further exploit Farrah, and where I would have to lie to be involved. Farrah told me to lie to the network and tell them the relationship was real.”

As Hollywood Life reported, Abraham allegedly attempted to fake a relationship with Carson Underwood the year prior, in an effort to land a spot on that year’s season of Couples Therapy. However, Underwood quickly exposed her scheme to the network.

“She was using me more as her boyfriend and representing me to VH1 as her boyfriend. I notified them and I said I don’t know where she came up with this.”

In response to Dawe’s claims, Abraham spoke to Radar Online, insisting she and Dawe had a legitimate relationship.

“A lot of people fabricate things to make more drama for the show, maybe more drama to diss me. I am no part of those lies. I’m not part of that gossip. What I’ve learned was money and a lot of things that I have the opportunities to do, lots of men that I date can not handle that and they have a lot of insecurities,” she says. “So I tend to choose people who are very insecure because when I was younger, I was very insecure and I relate to that.

“I do need to tell people, ‘I’m not going to trust you right away and you have to gain my trust.’ I’ve learned in a relationship, yes be more vocal, yes be more communicative, but also from the get go, have others understand if I’m stand-offish, it’s because I don’t feel comfortable.”

For more of Dr. Jenn Berman, tune into the upcoming season of Couples Therapy, which will likely premiere later this year.

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